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The Scarlet Letter
Volume II, Number 1 | August 1994
Heart & Sol
By Fr. Homo Solitarius

Open Heart upon the Flame
That Leaps beyond the Realms of Death.
The Two are Separate and the
And Silence seals the Flowing
Has Laughter heard tile Cries
of Pain?
Experiment; Exceed: Refrain!
To Die a Death each Waking
Is Ecstasy in Passions Play.
Carress the Soul oh Perfect
To find out Where and
Who You Are.

Open Heart upon the Flame
That Radiates the Open Sky
Must travel through the Shifting
And Travel Past Because & Why.
The Spark is Set in Motion
Must Penetrate the Soul of' Man
To Form a Bond with None
And All
To Seek the Joy of Nature's Call
When this is Lost we have No
And Everything Remains the

Open Heart upon the Flame
That Knows Thyself to Be.
A Noble Star within the Game
Of Life and Ecstasy.
Strike Low and Hard upon
The Man
Who Says what Thou canst
And Thou Can
For Ever Ready is the Grave
Which Waits upon the Serving
Fear is Gone and Courage
Upon the Will and
Love of Man.

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