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The Scarlet Letter
Volume II, Number 1 | August 1994
Upcoming Events

Camp business meetings are the third Saturday of every month, 4:00 pm at Scarlet Tantra Pagan Center. Mass is held the third Sunday of every month, 7:30 pm at Scarlet Tantra Pagan Center.

Aug. 15, 9:30 pm: Coffee social to greet Sr. Fidelia, Oasis Master of Bubastis

Aug. 20, daytime: Sr. Continuity joining Sr. Q.V.P. and Br. Wally K. to do E.G.C. Baptisms at Huntsville Prison

Aug. 20,* 9:30-midnight: Full Moon drumming at STPC

Aug. 21,* 7:30 pm: Mass (Fr. Dionysus Soter/Sr. Athena Ariagne, Sr. Lillith)
Deacon Ordination for Sr. Lillith by Sr. Continuity

Aug. 23, 9:30 pm: Fr. Omega Baphomet's Lesser Feast and party at STPC

Aug. 28, 7:30 pm: Mass (Fr. Sharash/Sr. Lillith, Fr. Kestrel)

Aug. 31, 7:30 pm: Cult of Cunning Lingo, dealer/hostess Sr. Lillith
The Temple of My Familiar by Alice Walker

Sep. 7, 8:00 pm: Mass Class, review of the mass geared for new & old officers by Fr. Sharash

Sep. 11, 7:30 pm: Mass Colloquium presentation of EGC Mass related topics by various members, facilitated by Fr. Dionysus Soter

Sep. 17, * 4:00 pm: SWC Business Meeting at STPC

Sep. 18, * 7:30 pm: Mass (Fr. Mega Baphomet/S.Oroboros, Br. Wissen bei Kennen)

Sep. 20, 10:00 pm: Fall Equinox Ritual by Sr. Lillith

Sep. 25: Sr. Esoterica's Lesser Feast

Oct. 8: Jo Initiations at SWC by Fr. Sharash—contact Sr. Continuity

Oct. 15* 4:00 pm: SWC Business Meeting at STPC

Oct. 16* 7:30 pm: Mass (team to be announced)

Oct. 21-23: CMA Samhain camping event—Hope you registered early!!
SWC will present the Tree of Life Game at CMA again by popular demand

Oct. 29, 4:30 pm: Wedding of Fr. Omega Baphomet & S.Oroboros

Dec. 9th-ish: Fr. Sharash & Sr. Lillith's new baby's Lesser Feast due to occur

We are working in our new space hosted by Sr. Continuity and Br. Ron E. at the Scarlet Tantric Pagan Center. The room we use for ritual is spacious, clean, carpeted, and air conditioned. A most excellent ritual space. The Center is at 1710 Houston Street, 2 blocks south of 2222 (Koenig Lane) on Burnet Rd. Call for details on attending our open events (meetings & 3rd Sunday Masses marked with *)

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