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The Scarlet Letter
Volume II, Number 1 | August 1994
Column: Heretics for Tea & Crumpets
Blue-Lidded Bliss
By Sr. Athena Ariagne

BlissThe air is filled with the thick, sweet smell of African spice. As the fragrance wraps itself around my naked limbs, it consumes me and gently enters me. I feel dizzy with pleasure and my body is on fire: for one kiss wilt thou be willing to give all. Attendants swarm around me, their gazes filled with love and devotion; hands kneading my flesh, fingers exploring. I am oiled from head to toe, no part being neglected by their honeyed kisses. My sweet perfume of sweat mingling us all together in a sense of utter rapture that is continuous. Come unto me, to me, I say to them. I am now ready for the next heights of ecstasy.

As I enter the temple, a feeling of anticipation arises within me. I greet, I adore, I begin to arouse the coiled splendor. The cold, hard sword is released, its point probing for an entrance; my body is quivering. I am caught in a whirlwind. The next vision is that of my priest fully clothed in his finery, I fall to my knees, I reach out with both hands to adore, to touch, his virtue. It fills me. I am uplifted and now my priest wishes to prepare me, his gaze exalting me among the stars.

Next I am greeted with the words of courtship, the words of love flowing from my priest's sweet lips. I feel his desire, I am his rapture. And he shall know that when I speak, I yearn to be with him. The veil is removed, our eyes lock in a lustful gaze...I know that he longs to indulge himself in my passion. He falls to his knees.

My priest and I are at the brink of delerium. We have teased and tantalized one another into a frenzy. I long for more than his kisses. The fire is ignited, we move in unison, breathlessly we reach our climax. I am now all pleasure.

It is time to share the joy and ecstasy with others. There is success.

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