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The Scarlet Letter
Volume II, Number 1 | August 1994
Anthem for Scarlet Woman Camp
By Dionysus Soter

Anthem for SWC

* * * * *
But cry out in freedom!

Let each child of the Aeon rise to claim
Her stooping starlight and his winged flame!

Raise the spell! The Earth
Herself is drenched with joy
In the whirling dance of mirth,
Pride and power, death and birth. [chorus]

Follow the light that consumes
Me, the Word that descends
In groves and temples, caves and tombs.
My burning sacrifice blends
Way and Will. Restriction ends! [chorus]

Work of gold and silver wreathes
The angel's brow; the Great
Work calls! My spirit breathes
Of roiling perfumes that mate
Wickedness and virtue's fate. [chorus]

Kill remorse! Life sheds
Her dews on lifted heads;
Heart swims in golds and reds. [chorus]

Be this people fair,
Loud, and radiant! Refine
And nobly crown their
Adulterous design. [chorus]

Be this place through ages
Covered in glory, filled
With signifying mages:
Jewels with which to build
And adorn the sactuary.
Rich, foaming wines are spilled,
Garments are stained with berry,
And light streams faint and faery. [chorus]

Be this sacrament ever
Shameless, clear, and bold.
Before its altars sever
All bonds that would hold
Men and women from their wills!


* * * * *
This anthem was composed specifically for Scarlet Woman Camp as a notarikon-by-word of Liber AL (III:49). It was first performed at the Gnostic Mass in Austin on June 26th. The Priest recited the verses, and the People sang all the choruses. The tune that was used is noted above. Rather than promoting eye-strain in the dimly-lit temple by distributing the whole anthem to all congregants, the Deacon signalled the chorus with a bell. Able musicians also supplemented the performance.

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