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The Scarlet Letter
Volume I, Number 4 | May 1994
by Fr. P.N.L.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Care Scarlet Woman Camp and 'Letter,

These days I seem to flip between present and past thru no will of my own. Time Slips are most cool. Since they occur anyway, I have come to enjoy my slips and flips.

Driving home from the February Gnostic Mass, I had become 'one with the road,' as I was able to ponder naught but the coolness of the event I had just left. As Nuit's suitor, I thrill upon being in the presence of Her manifestation. The priestess (in the Mass) performed with such potency; partaking of the feast I rejoiced at once again entering that familiar Realm—that surrealistic place I find within the Temple and the Lodge.

It seems as if...cool, here comes another Time Slip...A badass workout at the gym, a jog thru Zilker Park at sunset, and sitting Zazen for the annual memorial to those fallen at Hiroshima.

The closing of the ceremony is the lighting of candles on hundreds of tiny paper boats that are set adrift upon the river. Potent rituals always stun me; I found myself in Zilker Park, full moon overhead, at Midnite. This is way past curfew. I did not want to leave, and I surely did not want to get arrested (I'm much too cute to be in jail). Clad only in running shorts and shoes, I opted to continue my walk in the shadows. Lustily digging my hands into the dark earth, I spit into them and streaked the mud onto my face. And began my:


        Dusky Prince, young Master he,
In Diana's full lite—patrols silently—
        Her plump round orb illumines his prowl.
Throatily teasing, his prey felinely growls,

        Lioness padding, so powerfully sleek
Engorges his soul with her lustral white heat
         Inner-Ji flowing, together they run,
The Beauty...the Beast...becoming their One.

In ages before, their powers combined
         To probe the mysterious Sanctum of Mind.
Evolving souls know: it's time once more
         To now Lust for Life...and Ever More.

le Pantera

Until the next Time Slip—THANX to SWC.

Love is the law, love under will.

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