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The Scarlet Letter
Volume I, Number 2
Anno IVi | October 1993 e.v.
Samhain | Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Taurus


Cover Art:
Scarlet Woman Camp Lamen, Fr. Sharash

Letters from Br. Bill Heidrick
Pillow Talk by Sr. Zohar
The Magical Record of The Scarlet Woman, Part I By Leah Hirsig
Liber One Half by Fr. Seahorse
Lunar Adorations by Fr. Pi
Oroboros by Our Lady of Eternal Return
Release by S.Oroboros
Upcoming Events
Heiroglyphics by Sr. Zohar & Fr. Sharash
Waxen Saints by Fr. Seahorse
Poetry: an alchemy of Horus by Fr. Pi
Poetry: For a Brother by Fr. Pi

Editor: Fr. Sharash

Camp Master: Content Knowles (Sr. Continuity)
Treasurer: Lila Harman (Sr. Zohar)
Secretary: Kevin Ascherfeld (Fr. Kestrel)
Editor/Librarian: Kip Coddington (Fr. Sharash)