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Submission Guidelines


Next Issue: Volume X, Number 2

Deadline for submissions: June 1, 2006

Theme for the next issue:


Stories, essays, and ideas about all things Solar. Consider the role or symbolic processes of this season in magick. Personal accounts through magick and meditation are welcome! Rituals and magick that deal with the nature of Spring are welcome. Spring inspired recipes or stories are welcome! And do not forget your Spring season inspired artwork, photography and poetry. Get in touch with your own renewed nature and inspire the community by getting your Work published in the Scarlet Letter..

Articles do NOT have to apply to the theme to be accepted for submission. The theme is established to inspire thought and provide guidance. Theme-related artwork is also strongly encouraged.

What we are looking for

We accept a wide range of materials, including both written and artistic work. There are five basic categories of writing that we are specifically interested in:

1. Personal stories, observations, and ideas
2. Scholarly research & educational pieces
3. Original rituals and celebrations
4. Reports on Lodge and Order activities (both formal & personal)
5. Creative work, such as fiction, poetry, plays, and satire

This list is very general, and should not stop you from submitting any work that you wish to be considered for publication. To see a far more detailed list of ideas for written material, see our Ideas & Resources page.

Who can submit?

Anyone! Although we are focused on the members of the Lodge and O.T.O., we are always happy to take relevant work from individuals outside our community.


For every issue there will be a general theme, such as Mystery or Fraternity. It is not required to stick to any given theme in order to submit work. It’s a given that several articles in every issue will not jive with the theme—although the more the better. Again, the theme is simply a guide to help relieve the burden of the “blank canvas” syndrome.


There are several ongoing departments in The Scarlet Letter. If you wish for a piece to be considered for a department, please note that with your submission. Otherwise, the Editor reserves the right to place any work under any department. Our current departments are:

Correspondence to the Lodge and The Scarlet Letter. You can write the Editor right now if you want a letter printed in the next issue.

Lodge Happenings
Reports and stories about Lodge events. These can be stories about personal involvement, factual reports and updates, reviews and critiques, histories, or a publishing of results or conclusions.

Abrahadabra! Expressions of Will
Personal stories about how individuals manifest their True Wills within their life, especially regarding big life changes or overcoming major obstacles.

The Living Sanctuary
Materials regarding the ecclesiastical aspect of the Order—such as ideas, observations, research, and personal stories on the E.G.C., the Gnostic Mass, our Gnostic Saints, Circle of Stars Sanctuary, the Rites of the Church, and the nature of Thelema as a religion.

Women in Thelema
Stories, observations, and ideas about what it is to be a woman, both as a member of O.T.O. and as a Thelemite in general. Also, biographical sketches of important women in O.T.O./Thelema history are encouraged.

Sacred Sexuality
Original rituals, personal experiences, historical research, and similar items regarding sex as a spiritual practice and sacrament (that can be rather fun at times, too—don’t shy away from being racy).

From the Front Line
Stories, personal accounts, and commentary regarding the fight against oppression, tyranny, and superstition.

Reviews of theatre, books, movies, art shows or artists, galleries, music, dance, and other art-related events.

The Bread & The Salt
Thoughts and observations regarding Thelemic Fraternity, such as hospitality, pax templi, types of fraternal assistance, dealing with conflict, etc.

Promulgating the Law
Observations and ideas about spreading the Law of Thelema: personal stories, projects, events, theories, politics, roles, etc.

Outside the Bubble
Critiques and reports about events and trends outside the Lodge bubble, especially in regard to the manifestation of Thelema (or lack thereof) within popular culture and politics.

Caught in the Web
Items that are found online (permission is obtained before printing, natch'). They can be cool stories, clever observations, vignettes about personal experiences, mini-essays about almost anything, etc.


Original artwork is always appreciated and helps give The Scarlet Letter character. Because of our production process, artwork that is easily reproduced in black & white will have a higher quality. However, color and/or photographic works are welcome, and our production staff will do everything they can to make them print as nicely as possible. The subject matter of your art is completely up to you and we are always interested in unusual pieces. If you would like to be on our list of artists that are willing to take commissions to illustrate specific stories, contact the Editor.

How to submit your work

Send submissions or inquiries by emailing the Editor or snail-mailing them to:

The Scarlet Letter
c/o Scarlet Woman Lodge
P.O. Box 81873
Austin, Texas, 78708-1873

For written items, you may send it by postal mail or by email (which is preferred). All items must be type-written; we will not accept work that is handwritten (unless that is somehow an integral aspect of the work). Electronic work must be saved in a file format that can be opened by Microsoft Word. If you send work by email, be sure to attach a file; do not submit the work as email text (the one exception to this is if you are sending a Letter to the Editor). For work sent by postal mail, make sure it is highly legible and single-spaced. If you want a document returned to you, you must include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

For artwork, you may also send by post or email, or you may otherwise hand it to the Editor. If you send an electronic file, make sure it is scanned at high-resolution (300 dpi). File formats accepted are jpeg (zero compression), tiff, eps, or Photoshop. Physical pieces of art must be no larger than 9” by 14”. If you want artwork mailed back to you, you must include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Legal Notes

All submissions remain the copyright of the author or artist, but permission is granted to Scarlet Woman Lodge to print them in their magazine, The Scarlet Letter (both in print and online). The original author or artist will always be credited for the work by the name they choose to publish under, whether civil, magical, or anonymous. No payment is to be paid by Scarlet Woman Lodge for this right. By making a submission, the artist or author guarantees that the work is original or within the public domain and does not infringe on anyone else's copyrights or trademarks. Some referencing of other works is of course acceptable, but should be kept to a minimum, and cited properly. The author or artist of the work, not Scarlet Woman Lodge or O.T.O., is responsible for any legal repercussions that occur for copyright or trademark infringement.