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A few of the events from TOTOCON I...

  • Leadership - What is it?
        Frater do presented an overview based on direct experience, of the theory     and practice of Leadership best practices, principles, and observations.

  • The Watchtowers of the World: An Introduction to Enochian Magick
        Frater Christeos Pir conversed, with a brief covering of the Watchtowers,     explored the tablets, Angels, and expounded on the Calls or Keys in greater     depth.

  • Approaching the Goddesses of Thelema
        Soror Tzaddi lead a play shop to explore the use of Hebrew letter meanings,     art, and chant to access the mysteries of Nuit and Babalon.

    Pre-registration is open to the public for $45.00. Limited space is available, so early registration is suggested. You may pre- register via PayPal below.

    TOTOCON II - 2009 E.V.
    Pre-registration Payment of $45.00