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Taking an Initiation

If you are interested in taking an initiation at Scarlet Woman Lodge, then you will need to get an application for the degree to which you seek admission, which you can get from the Lodge Master or from a chartered initiator. After it is filled out, return it to the Lodge Master or put it in the temple dropbox. When the event is scheduled, you will be notified by mail. Here are some general notes of import:

• When filling out application forms, write your civil name out in full, including your middle name. Do not use initials, otherwise the app will be returned.

• Applications are good for one year from the moment it is filled out (not just turned in). If you filled one out and more than a year has passed, you will need to fill out a new app.

• There is no stigma of any kind for remaining at any degree for extended periods of time or even indefinitely. We strongly discourage members from pushing anyone into taking a degree they do not wish to take.

• Although it is acceptable to pay the initiation fees on the day of the ceremony, it is preferable to pay it in advance. You can find out how to pay fees on our Treasury page. Be sure to mark the envelope or check with your civil name and “initiation fee” or you might not get proper credit.

• For Minerval candidates and initiates, here is a good FAQ addressing most of the major issues with this degree and what it means to be a Minerval initiate.

• Although there is only a one month waiting period between the Minerval and I°, virtually all candidates wait at least a few months (nine is common). The minimum time between I° and II° is nine months. Between II° & III° and between III° & IV° requires a waiting period of at least one year (the IV° and P.I. degrees are normally taken on the same day).

• Advancement to IV° requires the candidate have sponsored two persons to the Minerval degree who then were initiated.

If you have any other questions, you can ask one of the local chartered initiators or the Lodge Master.

Being an Officer in Initiations

We encourage our initiate members to participate by officering in the initiation ceremonies. Naturally, one can officer in degrees already taken—with the exception of Minerval, which requires having taken at least the I°. Being a member of the Lodge in good standing (i.e. being dues current) is also required (although it is possible to waive this requirement, such as in cases of initiate guests). If you are interested in being an officer, please contact the Lodge Master.