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The following online documents are suggested reading for all initiate members of the Lodge. All materials on this page are the copyrighted property of Ordo Templi Orientis. The roman numerals are the labeling system Crowley used for many of his written materials concerning Thelema and O.T.O.  The word liber means “book.”

Concerning Thelema and Liber Legis

Liber AL vel Legis, The Book of the Law  CCXX (220)
Within the canon of Thelemic Holy Scripture, the chief is The Book of the Law. Thelemites are expected to interpret the book for themselves, based on Aleister Crowley's commentaries and other writings; but are enjoined from promoting their personal interpretations to others.

The Message of the Master Therion  II (2)
A short treatise on the nature of the Law of Thelema.

De Lege Libellum   CL (150)
An epistle on the Law of Thelema with an in-depth exploration of its four Rays or Emanations: Liberty, Love, Life, and Light.

Khabs am Pekht  CCC (300)
Being an instruction in a matter of all importance, to wit, the means to be taken to extend the dominion of the Law of Thelema throughout the whole world.

The Law of Liberty   DCCCXXXVII (837)
An expository commentary on Liber Legis by To Mega Therion.

Concerning the Gnostic Mass and the E.G.C.

The Gnostic Mass   XV (15)
Liber XV (“Book 15”) is the text which delineates the ceremonial specifics of the Gnostic Mass. It is considered to be the central ceremony of both the E.G.C. and the O.T.O.

A First Look at the Gnostic Mass
A short piece by Br. Dionysos Thriambos presenting a simple introduction to the Gnostic Mass, as celebrated at Circle of Stars Sanctuary, Scarlet Woman Lodge (with addendum explaining guest participation).

The Manifesto of the Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica
A consise summary describing the arrival of the new Æon of Horus, the Crowned and Conquering Child.

Concerning O.T.O.

An Intimation with Reference to the Constitution of the Order   CXCIV (194)
A brief historical sketch of the structure and government of O.T.O. as invisioned by Baphomet.

An Open Letter to those who may wish to join the Order   CI (101)
Enumerating the Duties and Privileges. These Regulations Come Into Force In Any District Where the Membership Exceeds One Thousand Souls.

What is Freemasonry?
An exerpt from Confessions, Crowley explains his reasoning behind his revisions of the O.T.O. initiation rituals, and a clear summary of the whole system.

Concerning the Law of Thelema   CLXI (161)
A letter detailing some practical applications of the Law of Thelema, especially in regards to O.T.O. and Profess-Houses.

The System of the O.T.O.
Originally published in Magick Without Tears, by Aleister Crowley, this letter outlines the system of the Order, how it differs from the A.'.A.'., and briefly addresses other matters relating to the O.T.O.

Of Eden and the Sacred Oak   CXXIV (124)
An epistle concerning the Greater and Lesser Hospitality of the O.T.O.

Revised O.T.O. Constitution of 1917
This historical document was written and issued by Theodor Reuss, the first Outer Head of the Order.

Other Works

Liber Oz   LXXVII (77)
A powerful document listing the fundamental rights of every man and woman.

A note on the chief rules of practical conduct to be observed by those who accept the Law of Thelema.

Liber Libræ, The Book of the Balance   XXX (30)
Karma Yoga. An elementary course of morality suitable for the average person.

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